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Are you ready to experience a better state of health and well being? Are you ready to reclaim your health and zest for life? At my 5 Element Acupuncture Dublin practice, I provide confidential, friendly, caring, and professional service for Acupuncture in Dublin. I treat in the tradition of the lineage of Worsley Five Element Acupuncture.


Many people are surprised when I explain to them that I do not treat symptoms directly. 5 Element Acupuncture treats the root cause of the energetic imbalance in you. Symptoms are the body's way of saying, 'I am out of balance and need help, please!'. Your body has lost its natural capacity to recover. Treatment is aimed at restoring this natural balance in you. When you are in balance, symptoms frequently disappear or at least diminish, you feel more energised, you instictively know how to help yourself and you can be who you really are. Treatment helps you feel better within yourself irrespective of what is going on in your life.


Worsley Five Element Acupuncture is a holistic system of medicine that can be used to treat a whole range of physical, mental and emotional troubles. You have probably noticed how minor injuries to your body such as small cuts and bruises heal. Your whole being has the capacity to self-heal when it is in balance. My aim is to return you to that state of balance.

Very often we wait until symptoms arise until we seek help. As Five Element acupuncture is a preventative system of medicine, it is important you know you don’t need to have anything wrong with you: simple curiosity, intuition, or life experience that guides you to the realisation that it is time to invest in your health are all great reasons to start treatment. What would you like for yourself?

Below are a list of the more common complaints I treat:


We’ve all experienced stress. It’s a necessary part of life which helps us accomplish our goals. However, if left ignored, it can slowly build up leaving you feeling on edge, uneasy within yourself, and eventually overwhelmed by somewhat trivial events. Whilst stress is inevitable it is not good when it is dominating our physical and mental health. When you are strong and in balance, it is easier to go with the flow in a more calm way of being without having to dig deep into reserves.

"My energy levels before I started the acupuncture were very low and I felt quite apathetic, during the treatments my energy levels improved greatly and my apathy disappeared. I had my zest for life back! I felt much calmer and less stressed in situations that I normally would have found difficult to handle. I felt the natural rhythm of my body was in perfect synch.Thanks Seán, for helping me get my life back on track."
~ Loraine - Dublin.


Anxiety is uncomfortable. If it takes hold you can find yourself reliving past traumas, feel apprehensive about the future, feel like your stomach is in knots or experience tightness in your chest. It can take over your day-to-day life and drain you. Whilst medications can help subside the feeling and there are a variety of coping strategies available to manage anxiety, wouldn't it be great to rid yourself of it? For me, anxiety is just a warning from your body, mind and spirit that you are out of balance. Therefore, if balance is restored, we can finally silence the voice which tells you peculiar things like you’re not good enough or living your life to the full.

"I started attending Five Element Acupuncture suffering from severe anxiety. I have found the treatment to be invaluable. Not only has it significantly eased my anxiety, I also sleep much better and am a lot happier in myself."
~ Mary - Dublin.


Fertility, especially when everything appears to be in order and working and you are not falling pregnant can be very distressing. It can put a big strain on relationships internally and externally and leave one or both partners with feelings of inadequacy. What may however need support and attention is your entire inner landscape. Any system of your body being out of balance will have a knock-on affect on your internal rhythms. Whether we realise it or not falling pregnant requires teamwork from our entire body. Restoring energetic imbalance helps your entire body work as a team and restore its natural capacity. It is also important to realise that both partners can benefit from treatment so that your couple are a balanced team.

"From the beginning I have felt at ease in a quiet space and a very supportive atmosphere."
~ Carmel - Meath


Sleep is important but, for many people it is not the right amount and/or quality. Many of us just lie awake for what feels like an eternity re-running the day that just happened in our head or planning or anticipating the following day. Then there are those who get a 9-10 hour sleep but wake up feeling like they’ve been hit by a bus. The subsequent exhaustion, turning to caffeine-based drinks and ongoing conversations about how tired we are, only leaves us feeling more exhausted. When we are reconnected with the natural rhythms of our bodies, we should sleep and dream peacefully and know what it feels like to experience a more productive and vital day-to-day way of living.

"After several treatments I began to notice a significant improvement in my sleep pattern, my system felt more balanced and I also noticed that I had more energy."
~ Judy - Dublin.


Unfortunatley way too many of us are familiar with the uncomfortable or distressing feelings of bloatedness or cramps after we've eaten. There is nothing as unsettling as having to run to the toilet five times or more a day followed by an experience of what feels like a road block for the next two days. Ideally, when our systems are balanced and functioning as nature intended, we should poo like clockwork and comfortably digest appropriate diets.

"The relief I get from acupuncture is so appreciated. The treatment is so natural. All my friends say I look better and can see a difference in me. I certainly feel great!"
~ Phil - Dublin.


From hours spent sitting at a desk, hunched over, staring at a screen to trialling out the latest bootcamp style fitness trend, modern life takes its toll on our bodies. We end up suffering from awful headaches, shoulder tension, pains in our wrists, backache, and pain in places we didn’t even know existed. For me, all this tension is just a sign there is a big block of energy which needs to pass through. By releasing it, the energy should flow, and the pain subside.

"I attended Seán for lower back pain. I was amazed that even though the needles were not put anywhere near the affected area the pain disappeared. There was an added bonus in that my sleep improved and I have lots more energy. I was under the impression that acupuncture worked only for a specific complaint and was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt in myself after my course of treatments. I would highly recommend it to everyone."
~ Pauline - Dublin

EXAMPLES OF OTHER SYMPTOMS I TREAT (but this is not an exhaustive list) include:

I have certain aims in mind when treating you as a patient. These are:
- To treat you as a whole being
- To seek the cause of your disease
- To correct the cause of your disease
- To help you to get well and stay well

Cost of Treatment

First Appointment: €90. This first appointment is one of the most important steps to help your recover from whatever is affecting your health and sense of well being. You need to allow up to 3 hours for this appointment. The first appointment includes an initial examination, which involves a thorough discussion of your health, including current symptoms and any treatment you may have had, your medical history and that of your close family. Your diet, digestive system, sleep, other body systems and emotional state will also be considered. All information taken is kept in the strictest confidence. An initial acupuncture treatment closes this first appointment.

For your first appointment it is useful if you bring a written list of any medications you are taking including the dosage. If you use reading glasses you should also bring these along.

Subsequent Treatments (1-1.5hrs) €70

Payments methods I currently accept are cash or cheque.

This style of acupuncture uses a gentle needle technique and thinner needles which patients appreciate. For the majority of your treatments needles are not left in. The needle is inserted gently just below the skin and when it has connected with your Qi/energy the needle is taken out.

Fully licensed acupuncturist.

Appointment times: 7am to 9pm Mon - Fri. Visits by prior appointment only.

Free off street parking.

Conveniently located one minute walk from DART and Bus services.

Treatment Gift vouchers available.

Book your appointment today by calling 086 087 2098

If you are unsure if 5 Element Acupuncture is for you I offer a FREE 30 minute informal consultation to allow you to meet in person and discuss your concerns. Simply phone or email me to arrange!

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