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Seán O'Neill - Classical Five-Element Acupuncture I have always been interested in the various discoveries that the ancient Chinese have given us. My first introduction to acupuncture was hearing some of my Tai Chi teachers discussing the '5 Element' style of acupuncture. I was working in the information technology sector at the time. Before making a decision to formally study I went for treatment to see what it was all about and, more importantly, what it felt like to have 5 Element acupuncture. I was pleasantly surprised!. Treatment helped me feel relaxed, energised, and more connected with life. I continue to have acupucture treatment on a regular basis as I find it helps me maintain this impoved sense of well being and I recover quickly on those rare occassions I become ill.

I had to wait a few years before home life was ready for me to undertake formal study. I graduated from The College of Traditional Acupuncture (UK) in 2008 with a Lic. Ac. and B.A.(Hons) degree and I have been in practice since then.

Being a 5 Element acupuncturist has taught me (and continues to teach me) the importance of being a good listener and using all of my senses to help me determine how I can best serve my patients. Every patient I meet is unique and therefore requires unique treatment plans. This is one of the joys and challenge of 5 Element acupuncture.

As well as practicing acupuncture at my 5 Element Acupuncture Practice in Dublin, I have been teaching T'ai Chi since 1996 and also teach Roots & Branches™ 5 Element Qi Gong. Both of these arts I find a great support to growing my understanding of the human body and its energetic systems.

There is always something new and exciting to learn and since graduation I have continue my learning of Five Element Acupuncture attending workshops and courses by recognised leading practitioners including J.B. Worsley, Gerad Kite and Nora Franglen.

I am a teacher at The College of Five Element Acupuncture (COFEA) - Ireland in Dublin. It is a humbling and enjoyable way to learn more about whilst at the same time serving to transmit this fantastic system of medicine.

I am here for you if you feel you need help with your holistic health.

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