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Below are some testimonials from patients in their own words. My thanks to these patients for being generous to share their experience of treatment.

I decided to have acupuncture after I had been suffering with a back problem for some time. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was really pleasantly surprised, I found the consultation to be most relaxing, even enjoyable. My back problem definitely improved, but my general well being overall improved immensely. My energy levels before I started the acupuncture were very low and I felt quite apathetic, during the treatments my energy levels improved greatly and my apathy disappeared. I had my zest for life back! I felt much calmer and less stressed in situations that I normally would have found difficult to handle. I felt the natural rhythm of my body was in perfect synch. I have finished my course of acupuncture treatments and really feel the benefits hugely, physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel I would like to keep attending acupuncture on a MOT basis to keep up this fabulous feeling to total well being. Thanks Seán, for helping me get my life back on track.
~ Loraine - Dublin.

I was recommended Seán O Neill by a family member who thought I could really benefit from Five Element Acupuncture. Being a mammy of three young children, I was suffering from a severe lack of energy, migraines and depression. After about three sessions I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and have not had a migraine since I started treatment. Previous to the treatment I would have to have a nap every day to try and function and get through the day, now that has stopped. I have more energy and feel so much better both physically, mentally and emotionally. I would highly recommend Seán O Neill as he has honestly changed my life, and as a result of that, my childrens. Thank you.
~ Linda - Dublin.

Seán was recommended to me by a friend. I tried 5 Element Acupuncture to get to the bottom of why I was suffering acute pain in my knee on a regular basis without any logical medical explanation. As it turned out my body was out of balance due to the day to day stresses of life and the pain I was feeling was due to this stress. Sean used 5 Element Acupuncture to re-balance my body and as a result I am now pain free. I believe I have truly benefited from my sessions at 5 Element Acupuncture.
~ shay - Dublin.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I embarked on a course of acupuncture. However eight months on I am now of the opinion that acupuncture can improve one’s health and general wellbeing. It certainly has boosted my immunity during the past tough winter. I am also feeling the benefits mentally and emotionally and intend to have a monthly treatment to maintain my equilibrium. The practice is a lovely serene place in which to escape the ‘challenges’ of daily life for a brief spell.
~ Judith - Dublin.

I would like to express my thanks to Seán for all his help. When I first came I was suffering with severe cluster headaches and tendonitis in my shoulder. I started to notice a difference after the second treatment and within four treatments my headaches were gone and the tendonitis had cleared. As I was pregnant I was unable to take any medication to combat these problems. I would strongly recommend Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture to anyone for a safe and healthy way to treat any problems they are having without the use of prescription medications.
~ Frances - Dublin.

I started attending Five Element Acupuncture suffering from severe anxiety. I have found the treatment to be invaluable. Not only has it significantly eased my anxiety, I also sleep much better and am a lot happier in myself. Seán is very professional. He is also very friendly and always makes time for a chat which immediately puts me at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending Five Element Acupuncture to everyone.
~ Mary - Dublin.

I had some health problems last year and I was recommended acupuncture. It has really helped me to get me back on my feet. I still like to attend on a monthly basis as I find it helps to keep my energy up.
~ Winnie (O.A.P.) - Dublin.

After trying many therapies for chronic insomnia due to hormonal imbalances but with no improvement, I recently heard about Five Element Acupuncture and discovered Sean O’Neill practiced in my area. After several treatments I began to notice a significant improvement in my sleep pattern, my system felt more balanced and I also noticed that I had more energy. I am convinced that this form of Five Element acupuncture was the key to helping me and am going to have regular treatments in the future to maintain this feeling of wellbeing.
~ Judy - Dublin.

I started down the route of acupuncture as I had suffered badly from hay fever & blocked sinuses for a number of years. After the first couple of sessions I started to notice a gradual improvement in how I felt. I could breathe a lot easier & didn’t feel as congested. I had been taking decongestants daily but found that I no longer needed them. Not only did it help my breathing but it also made me feel much more relaxed, less stressed & more alert in general.
~ Martin - Dublin.

I attended Seán for lower back pain. I was amazed that even though the needles were not put anywhere near the affected area the pain disappeared. There was an added bonus in that my sleep improved and I have lots more energy. I was under the impression that acupuncture worked only for a specific complaint and was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt in myself after my course of treatments. I would highly recommend it to everyone.
Pauline - Dublin.

I am an old age pensioner. I hurt my neck badly, I could not move it. It was so painful I got acupuncture from Seán. It was so helpful. I am back knitting, I have a new energy, and I feel good.
~ Maureen (O.A.P.) - Dublin.

I had been suffering from sciatica for over one year. I also had no energy and had not been sleeping very well. I tried pills but they did not help. A friend told me about acupuncture and referred me to Seán. After having acupuncture over a six month period I’m delighted with the results. The relief I get from acupuncture is so appreciated. The treatment is so natural. All my friends say I look better and can see a difference in me. I certainly feel great!
~ Phil - Dublin.

A number of months ago I was constantly tired, having difficulties sleeping and as a result was feeling very low. I had tried several different means to overcome my sleeping difficulties but with no success. Then I discovered Worsley Five Element Acupuncture. The initial consultation of about 2 hours with Seán was very thorough and relaxing. I first had weekly treatments, which reduced to treatments every 2 weeks and then every 3 weeks and now for longer periods. I still had my up and down moments as I had a number of personal difficulties during this period but I was beginning to notice that I would rebound more quickly from stressful situations. Then it seemed as if all of a sudden, I had more energy and my sleeping greatly improved. I also notice now that even when I have to deal with difficult situations, it doesn’t affect my sleep and as a result I am less anxious and irritable. The merry-go-round seems to have halted at last. I would definitely recommend this type of acupuncture as it has benefitted me hugely and given me lots of energy. In addition during the sessions, I always felt very calm which was helped by Seán's ability to listen without judgement and his wonderful sense of humour. Thanks Seán for making me laugh.
~ Mary - Dublin.

I was introduced to Worsley Five Element Acupuncture by a friend who had experience of it and a family member who brought me to Sean in August 2011. Having experienced major grief over a couple of years with the loss of many family members, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness in Jan 2011 and he passed away in July 2011. This brought me to the lowest point of my life. I arrived with Seán heartbroken, burned out, unable to sleep, with no desire to eat, pain all over my body (I felt like I had been beaten with a hammer). I could not find within me the place to live my life from. Joy was just a memory, I had lost my laugh. Daily practicalities were a major struggle. Treatment from Seán has taken place at regular intervals over the last few months. From the beginning I have felt at ease in a quiet space and a very supportive atmosphere. While I cannot weigh or measure the benefits I know this treatment has been helping and supporting my body during this crisis. I consider it to be a very important discovery on this journey to wellbeing and would recommend it to my family and friends.
~ Carmel - Meath.

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