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Cost of Treatment

First Appointment: €120. This first appointment is one of the most important steps to help your recover from whatever is affecting your health and sense of well being. You need to allow up to 3 hours for this appointment. The first appointment includes an initial examination, which involves a thorough discussion of your health, including current symptoms and any treatment you may have had, your medical history and that of your close family. Your diet, digestive system, sleep, other body systems and emotional state will also be considered. All information taken is kept in the strictest confidence. An initial acupuncture treatment will normally close this first appointment.

For your first appointment it is useful if you bring a written list of any medications you are taking including the dosage. If you use reading glasses you should also bring these along.

Subsequent Treatments (1-1.5hrs) €80

Payments methods I currently accept are cash, card or Revolut.

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