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5 Element Acupuncture Dublin - Classical Five-Element Acupuncture
Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture
Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture (WF-EA), as taught by Professor J.R. Worsley, is unique among the various types of traditional acupuncture. It doesn't palliate your symptoms. It derives its remarkable effectiveness by treating the Causative Factor (CF) of your illness.

The Causative Factor is the name given to the element whose weakness is the key to all the patterns of disharmony within your body, mind and spirit. This is the one you rely on most when you are ill or under stress.

The aim of diagnosis is to find out which element this is for you. The treatment using natural laws will support this element in its role of maintaining your health and balance.

Take wood for example. Spring time is characterised by a powerful upward and outward movement. Young shoots burst through hard ground and seemingly dead branches spring back to life. In us, this Wood energy manifests in the liver and gallbladder. The liver is actually the organ that is most capable of rejuvenation. Given the right conditions your liver can regrow itself fully even after it has sustained 60% damage. Each element also manifests at the emotional level. Wood gives us the ability to be exuberant and assertive. When this exuberance becomes blocked, we become frustrated and without hope.

For example, if your Causative Factor is in the Wood element, the focus of your treatment at my Five Element Acupuncture Dublin practice will be on strengthening the flow of energy in your liver and gallbladder meridians. This in turn will bring balance and health to all parts of your body, mind and spirit. You will experience less frustration and a sense of exuberance. You will also feel an increased sense of hope in the future and a greater clarity of vision.

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